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Welcome to our API! We have been approached by many organizations that want to use our vacations and golf certificates on their websites and at their events. We've designed this API to provide unmatched access to our vacations. If you've reached this page, you likely fall into one of the three categories below.
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Work with us to help Charities!
You can query our API to gather certificates for all sorts of fun experiences that your clients can sell to raise money.


Mobile Auction Technology Provider

Easily allow your non-profit clients to get all sorts of fun experiences (golf, lessons, vacations, cruises and more) from our convert them into donations using your technology. Vacations and golf are by far the most popular items at fundraising events and you can now make it easy for non-profit to feature golf, golf vacations, cruises and more. You’ll automatically receive minimum bids, retail value, photos, logos, description, testimonials and more.

Custom Website Builder

If you build websites for property owners and you want to give them a great way to increase their revenue by reaching a new audience, we have the perfect solution for you. Build a "donate a spare week" link into your owner portal and we take care of the rest. Property owners will soon be donating and booking spare weeks and raising money for their favorite causes.

Consumer Facing Website

Feature our vacation homes, golf courses, availability and rates including photos, locations, descriptions and more. We make it easy for you to build a preview listing page at your end and send the user over to our site to complete the booking. As more and more vacation home owners and managers push their inventory to the Geronimo Solutions "hub", you'll be able to feature more and more items on your website.

Don't fit into one of the above scenarios? Have a new idea for how our content can be used? We would love to learn more about your idea!

Glossary & Data Flow

Event Flow

Catalog at Travelpledge

Catalog lives at TravelPledge

Catalog at MBP

Catalog hosted at Mobile Bidding Partner

Selecting a Non-Profit

One of the most common uses of our inventory of fun experiences is to support auction events. We have provided calls to cover everything - adding a non-profit event into our system, selecting certificates to sell at the auction, marking items as sold and generating an invoice for delivery to the non-profit event organizer.

The first step in this process is to identify the non-profit that you are working with. /nonprofit/search allows you to query our extensive database of non-profits by several different fields. We recommend that you utilize the EIN of the non-profit if at all possible. If the non-profit already has a PrivateLabel website and TravelPledge account, then the result set will include a value in the domain field, and this will identify the TravelPledge website of the non-profit

If the non-profit that you would like to work with does not already have a PrivateLabel website in our system, then you will need to POST a call to nonprofit with additional details about the non-profit to create a pending PrivateLabel website in our system so that you can create events. NOTE: You can create events against a pending PrivateLabel, but you will not be able to finalize the event until the information has been reviewed and approved by our website administrators.

If the non-profit that you are working with IS already set up as a PrivateLabel website in our system, then you will need to request access via a POST to nonprofit/access/request. This is to ensure that the administrators for the PrivateLabel in question all know that you are accessing their data and acting on their behalf. You can view the status of your request by making a call to nonprofit/access/status/PENDING. At any point you can see the PrivateLabels that you already have access to by calling nonprofit/access/status/APPROVED. NOTE: You only need to request access to a PrivateLabel website once

Finding / Creating an Event

After you have identified the PrivateLabel that you'll be working with, the next step is to either pull information on their current event or create a new event on their behalf. NOTE: Only a single event can be active for a given PrivateLabel at any time. To see if there are any active events, make a call to event/active/[domain] where [domain] is the domain name of the PrivateLabel. If there are no active events, you can create one by making a POST to event.

Selecting Certificates

There are two options available for selecting certificates for an event. The easiest, and suggested, method is to let Geronimo Solutions pick it for you when you are creating an event by setting the value of autopopulate on the event object to true. Alternatively, you can search for specific certificates using certificates?type=, where type is the type of certificate that you would like to pull. e.g.: Golf, Vacation, Lesson, etc. NOTE: You can also specify other search criteria beyond just type to narrow down your results.

If you are manually adding certificates, once you have identified the certificate that you would like to use for your event, make a note of its certificate id and PUT the event into the selectedcertificates property of the event in a call to event.

Hold Your Event!

Mark Selected Certificates as Sold/Not Sold

Each certificate that you select for your event must be marked as either sold or not sold after the event has completed. Your auction software knows which items were sold and this information simply needs to be passed back to Geronimo Solutions so we can generate an invoice. For the certificates that were sold during the event, we will need to collect some basic information about the winner, and how much the certificates sold for. This will allow us to ensure that the certificates are delivered to the winning bidders in a timely manner and the funds are collected from the non-profit. You can provide this information in a similar manner that you manually selected them (if you chose to go that route), by adding them to the soldcertificates property of the event in a PUT call to event.

Once you have updated the final status of all of your selected certificates, you can view the invoice for your event by calling event/[eventid]/invoice, where [eventid] is the id of your event.

As an alternative to both of the above calls, you can mark the certificate status, and view the invoice, by logging into the admin area of the PrivateLabel and closing out the event there.

Types of Certificates
A vacation certificate gives the holder an opportunity to go to a terrific destination during a certain period of time. You’ll receive the retail value, valid dates, details, minimum bid, number of nights, provider logo, and many photos of the vacation automatically.
Golf Vacation
A golf vacation certificate gives the holder an opportunity to “stay and play” at a fabulous golf resort during a certain period of time. You’ll receive the retail value, valid dates, resort nd golf course details, minimum bid, number of nights, provider logo, and many photos of the golf resort and accommodations automatically.
A cruise certificate gives the holder an opportunity to go to a terrific ocean or river cruise during a certain period of time. You’ll receive the retail value, valid dates, cruise ship and port details, minimum bid, number of nights, provider logo, and many photos of the cruise ship and of the destination(s) automatically.
A golf round certificate gives the holder an opportunity to take some friends out for a round of golf at a top local or nationally recognized golf course. You’ll receive the retail value, valid days of the week and times, golf course details, minimum bid, golf course logo, and photo of the golf course automatically.
A lesson certificate gives the holder an opportunity to take a lesson provided by a top instructor. Golf lessons, music, art, sports and more. You’ll receive the retail value, valid, instructor details, minimum bid and instructor image.
A not for profit 501c organization. there are well over a million non-profits in our current database.
Private Label
Represents a TravelPledge website for a specific Non-Profit. There are thousands of these created so far.

API usage guidelines:


Our API implements the Swagger specification. This should make it easy to integrate our API into your project, no matter what language it uses.


The API requires you to authenticate via an API key.

To get an API key, please email us at api@geronimo.com. We will need the following information from you:

  • Company Name
  • Address
    • Street
    • City
    • State or Province
    • Country
    • Postal Code
  • Phone Number (with country code)
  • Email Address

Once we have received your information, we will set up your affiliate account and contact you directly to assist you with getting started.

As part of this process we will provide you with an API key to use when making calls. For information on how to use this key, please see below or read the complete information on making calls to the API.

Once you have obtained a key, you will need to pass it in as a HTTP Header with each call to the API.

Specify your API Key using the X-Affiliate-Key header. For example:

X-Affiliate-Key: 47291516-B02B-4D2F-B73B-5FC3CBE6F592

Note:The above assumes that your affiliate key is 47291516-B02B-4D2F-B73B-5FC3CBE6F592

Your API key is unique to you and should be kept in a safe place, as you would do with a password.

Getting a new key

If you feel that your API key has been compromised, please let us know and we will generate a new key and disable the old one.

Output formats

The main output format is JSON. If you prefer, you can also get and send results using XML).

Responses are encoded in UTF-8. Your requests must also be UTF-8 encoded.

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